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This drawing instruction e-book is a great one to start with. It is called "How To Draw Self-Portraits".  Why is it a great one to start with? Because by learning to draw yourself, you will more easily draw other people. 

About The E-book

A "No-Nonsense" Approach to Advance Your Drawing Skills

Learning is always easier when you can watch how to draw, rather than read about how to draw.

With that in mind, besides the part of the book that you read, I have compiled 58 minutes of instructional video. It's like having a one-hour art lesson in the comfort of your own home, and you can watch over and over as you wish. 

Not only that, if I add more information to the videos, (which I plan to do) your e-book videos will automatically be updated ... no need to download the book again.

What You'll See In the Drawing Instruction Videos

In the first video, I'll show you my method of locating the main facial features and putting them down on paper.

In the second video, I do a complete drawing of myself while looking in the mirror. I explain my technique to you, while I am drawing. Click below for some short excerpts.

In the third drawing instruction video, I'll walk you through several of the self-portraits I've done. You will see my good drawings, as well as my "not so good" drawings. By discussing my less successful drawings with you, you will learn some of the pitfalls to watch out for when drawing faces. I'll show you what parts of the drawing work, and what parts don’t work.

You will also learn a "sure-fire" method to quickly find the trouble spots in your drawings. This can be very helpful when you run into problems.

Downloadable E-book - $57.99

Whether you are a beginner, or more advanced, this a great way for you to learn. With these valuable drawing techniques in your toolbox, you will have a good basis from which to start drawing yourself (or anyone else). Click here for the e-book, "How To Draw Self-Portraits".

Show Us Your Stuff

Once you’ve done a self-portrait, I would love to see your results. This is an invitation to submit your self-portrait drawings. (Of course, you don't have to buy the e-book to do this!)

I will be adding more e-books and videos as time permits. In the mean time, my viewers, your friends and family, and I will be waiting with anticipation to see your progress! 

Remember, we all start somewhere ... 

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