Learn To Draw Expressively
and make your drawings come to life

Do you love to draw? Would you like to put life into your drawings? Learn to draw using my techniques, and discover what you can create simply with pencil and paper


When properly used, graphite pencils and charcoal pencils can create emotionally powerful black and white drawings

Whether you are an advanced portrait artist or just beginning, you are sure to take something from the charcoal drawing techniques I explain. 

Charcoal Drawing

Learn to draw with graphite pencil - Terry Dubek

Learn to Draw . . . Pencil Drawings

Feel free to totally immerse yourself in my detailed, step-by-step instruction of particular images, or just choose those aspects of drawing people which most interest you. 

Learn to draw with ink wash and water color - Coleman Hawkins

Ink Drawing, with ink wash and watercolor


  • Learn that extra something you need to make your drawings special.

  • Learn when and when not to use detail to achieve dramatic results.

  • Learn to draw realistic textures.

  • Learn what the contrast of light and shadow does for your drawings.

  • Learn how to keep your entire drawing surface interesting.

This site is primarily about drawing people, but you will also discover drawing tips on how to draw a doghow to draw a cathow to draw caricatures, and a lot of other “cool drawings”.

Have you ever had somebody sit for you while you drew a portrait of them?

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See the "What's New - Blog"  to find out more.  In the meantime, enjoy.

Douglas Boomhower

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