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Violin Drawings

Make your violin drawings look so real, you'll almost hear it.

Continue reading "Violin Drawings"

A Pencil Pet Portrait

A pencil pet portrait can be just as “soulful” as a good portrait of a person. Here's how to capture their most revealing characteristics.

Continue reading "A Pencil Pet Portrait"

How To Draw Heads

Before you learn how to draw heads, familiarize yourself with these general guidelines of head proportions.

Continue reading "How To Draw Heads"

How To Draw Eyes

These drawing techniques will help you learn how to draw eyes that capture personality.

Continue reading "How To Draw Eyes"

Drawing Technique

Learn about drawing technique in charcoal, pencil, and ink combined with watercolour. These examples may inspire you for your own realistic and dramatic creations.

Continue reading "Drawing Technique"

Drawing A Self-Portrait

Self-portrait drawing is a great way to learn to draw people. Van Gogh was famous for his self-portraits. Here's how to get started.

Continue reading "Drawing A Self-Portrait"

Drawing Materials - at a Glance

Here are some drawing materials - an artist's toolkit of drawing necessities.

Continue reading "Drawing Materials - at a Glance"

Portrait Drawings - Before and After

Portrait drawings done a year apart show an inspiring change in inner spirit.

Continue reading "Portrait Drawings - Before and After"

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