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Line Drawings

Expressive Line Art Drawings - This Is Where We Draw The Line
Contour Line Drawing
Gesture Drawing

Drawing Technique

Drawing Technique - Based on Line Drawings and Realism
A Humorous Alligator Drawing 
Female Figure Drawing 
Charcoal Drawing Techniques 
Charcoal Drawings 
A Charcoal Drawing Lesson 
The Dynamics of Light and Dark  
Pencil Shading Techniques to Create Three Dimensional Drawings

Drawing Textures

Drawing Realistic Texture
Drawing Clothing
Drawing Metal Textures
More on the Power of Drawing Textures
Drawing Wood Texture of a Violin
Drawing Wood Texture of a Piano
Drawing Soft Leather Texture

How To Draw People

How To Draw People - An Artistic Challenge
A Charcoal Drawn Portrait 
Drawing Lifelike Pencil Portraits
Drawing From Life - Watch These Videos! 

Pencil Sketches

Drawing Pencil Sketches - Going Straight to the "Matter of Drawing".

Drawing Faces

How to Draw Faces - the Challenge of Perspective
How to Draw Heads - General Proportions


Drawing A Self-Portrait - A Great Learning Tool And A Place To Share Your Self-Portrait Drawings

Drawing Portraits

An Anecdotal Note on Perspective Drawings
Portrait Drawings - A Model Transformed

How To Draw Hair

How to Draw Hair - That Really Does Look Like Hair!
Drawing Hair - The Simplicity Of White Chalk And A Kneaded Eraser

How To Draw Eyes

How to Draw Eyes
More on Drawing Eyes that Dramatize

How To Draw Hands

Preliminary Hand Studies
Hand Drawing - Helpful Hand Proportions You Should Know
How To Draw Hands in Motion
How To Draw Detailed Hands

Drawing Clothes

Drawing Clothes - A Sense of Touch
More on Drawing Clothes - Feel the Fabric Textures

How To Draw Caricatures

How to Draw Caricatures - Exaggerate Facial Features in a Humourous Way

Pencil Pet Portraits

Pencil Pet Portraits - With Soul
How to Draw Dogs That Pull at Your Heart Strings
How to Draw a Cat That Even Dog Lovers Would Love!

Drawing Tools

Drawing Materials at a Glance - An Artist's Tool Kit of Drawing Necessities.

Drawing Books

Drawing Books That Inspire ... What Are Your Favorites?

About the Artist

The Charcoal Pencil Portrait Artist - About Me, Contact Me

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