by Dr.Prajakt Thakoor
(Mumbai, MH,India)

Actor - Draw Lifelike Pencil Portraits

Actor - Draw Lifelike Pencil Portraits

Done with 6B pencil, Sepia tone was added digitally.

Doug's Comments: A nice drawing ... natural and alive. I found the progressive steps most interesting. The steps particularly reveal your "loose" drawing approach. And of course, a "loose" approach is what you are looking for, rather than a rigid drawing approach. That free style maintains a spontaneity and a lifelike quality in your work.

Not to be taken as a criticism, but I prefer the five preliminary steps to the final drawing. But don't misunderstand me ... the final drawing is also very well done.

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This is very nice to view.
by: Samantha Garcia

I really enjoyed viewing your piece. As I love the progression and seeing the process.Helps to almost make me,as the viewer, be part of your drawing experience. Nice. (and) Inspiring.

by: Dr.Prajakt Thakoor

Thank you Mr. Daug for your appreciation and suggestion.

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